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The Ban of Ethan Klein on Social Media

We assist individuals in creating ban petitions for numerous platforms where Ethan Klein has harassed or mistreated them. Our purpose is to assist victims in filing a petition against Ethan Klein and to demonstrate to the public why he should be removed from social media platforms.

Help us and sign the petition to ban Ethan Klein on Social Media Networks.

Hate speech is prohibited, as is the use of violent or graphic imagery. Sexually explicit photos or solicitation are also prohibited. Ethan Klein uses Facebook to distribute his abusive video blogs, creating a dangerous environment for children and teenagers.

Get Ethan Klein banned on Social Media

Sign the online petition against Ethan Klein. Harassment, Hate Speeches, his xenophobic and homophobic views cannot be tolerated.

Sign Here

Ethan Klein
Banned on Social Media


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Ethan Klein BANNED over this…


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Cyber Bullying In Social Media is a big harm for children and teenagers

Cyber Bullying In Social Media

Cyber bullying statistics can be defined as internet bullying. It can do more harm to young people as it is a form of teen violence. Among teens cyber bullying is a big issue, according to bullying statistics. Adults and teens can assist in dealing with cyber bullying if many know about it.
Many teens and adolescents are affected by cyber bullying every day. Some of the ways people bully or harass other people include the internet and cell phones. Here are some of the cyber bullying forms:
Passing a threat or a message to an individual through their cell phone or their email
Giving false information about a person using texts or the internet
Disguising yourself as a different person on the internet to bully others
Sending and spreading pictures of a person that are sexually suggestive
Using a social network to bully a person by posting threatening messages 
It is easier to cause a lot of damage to teens and adolescents through cyber bullying. It may lead to depression, anxiety and some may commit suicide. It is also hard for a teen to move on from the cyber bullying pain, as once something is posted online, it is hard for it to disappear completely. 
Many cyberbullies don’t think the harm they are causing to themselves from cyber bullying others, and they think it’s funny. This comes to haunt these teens later in their life when they are looking for jobs or applying for a university or college. It can even worsen for the bullies and their parents, especially if the cyber bullying involves sexual things as they can be sued as sex offenders. Some of these teen bullies use fake accounts, thinking they won’t get caught, but they are not aware there are many methods of tracking them.
Cyber bullying is prevalent among teens, even though it causes a lot of damage. Here are some of the reports from the i-SAFE foundation about cyber bullying:
About a half of the teens don’t inform or report to their parents if they get cyber bullied.
More than twenty-five percent of teens have experienced internet bullying through their phones many times.
In every 3 teens, one of them goes through online bullying and threats.
Half of the teenagers are involved in cyber bullying others, and the same number gets bullied.
Here are similar reports about cyber bullying statistics from the Harford county examiner:
In 5 cyber bullying incidents, only one of them is reported to the enforcement law.
In 10 teenagers who experience cyber bullying, only one informs their parents about it.
Boys are less involved in cyber bullying compared to girls.
In every 5 teenagers, one has shared their nude pictures with others.
About half of the teenagers are victims of internet bullying. In every 10 teenagers, one has embarrassing pictures taken or posted online without their consent.
The cyber bullying research center discovered the following cyber bullying statistics after a series of surveys:
Cyber bullying doesn’t involve racism, as it affects teens of all races.
Most teens who experience cyber bullying end up having low self-esteem, and others commit suicide.
Boys and girls can be both victims of cyber bullying.
Some of the most common types of internet bullying include rumors, hurtful, and mean comments.
Most teens use phones and the internet most of the time, and that’s why it’s one of the forms of technology used to cyberbully teens.
Things that parents and teens can do to stop or minimize the cyber bullying statistics:
Parents should encourage their teens to talk to them if they are going through internet bullying. Make them understand that they cannot get punished or be judged for being cyber bullying victims.
Engaging in a serious talk with the teenagers and informing them how wrong it is to cyberbully others. Make them understand that it is against the law, and one can get into serious problems that can even ruin their future. A parent can make a rule that if his kids are found bullying others on the internet, they will not have access to their computers or cell phones.
If a teen has been cyber bullied through messages, they should not delete or eliminate them but keep them as proof. One can use them to report the bullies, especially if they are sexual or threats.
One can also block the person sending the messages to avoid reading them. If possible, ensure that you change your email, your cell phone number and be careful when giving your number to your friends.
Ensure that you are not sharing your security codes with anyone apart from your parents and siblings.
Advising the young people never to give their details on the internet or having meetings with people they have known through the internet.
It is best for a teen who has experienced internet bullying or a victim of cyber bullying to see a counselor for them to be able to deal with anxiety and depression, which can have profound effects.

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